(New) AppImage documentation

The AppImage project has never had a proper documentation. Sure, there were (and still are!) some wikis (most notably the AppImageKit wiki), but wikis, especially the ones on GitHub, lack any sort of structure. Recently, I could finally start to work on this, resulting in the (fairly) brand new docs.appimage.org.

docs.appimage.org is the new home of AppImage related documentation. Users can find a mostly complete guide how to use AppImage and related user tools that make using AppImages more fun (like e.g., AppImageLauncher. Developers will find a comprehensive packaging guide, containing guides for the most common types of applications, and explaining how to use tools like linuxdeploy which greatly simplify bundling applications' dependencies.

We already ported most of the information contained previously in the AppImageKit wiki. Most language-specific guides haven’t been ported yet, however. We’d highly appreciate if you could help us. Please see the source repo for more information. PRs welcome!

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